Men's High Fashion

$35.00 USD

In this high fashion tutorial you will learn all about advanced studio lighting and mood coloring. We take you behind the scenes and show you all about the different gels used, how to shoot shadows, how to work with studio strobes and light props correctly. Once in photoshop you will learn how to dodge and burn to preserve detail and draw attention to specific areas. Josh will teach you about advanced coloring, highlight painting and much more.

Create a stunning mood using artificial lighting and coloring. Once you finish this tutorial you will know how to create a stunning fashion image for advertising or editorial work. This tutorial is split up into 3 separate pieces which include the intro, in studio and post production. Become a master at lighting and coloring by learning industry standard techniques.

What People Are Saying:

Hey Josh, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how incredibly helpful your tutorials have been. Even though I’ve been using PS for years now, I didn’t realize how stuck I had gotten in doing things a certain way. I learned so many little tricks from just that one tutorial. I feel more confident now than ever that I can create the image in my brain. All the best, and thanks again,

Johanna Siegmann

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